About Us

BlueRival is a full service software, systems engineering, automation and data mining firm. We are experts on design, research, development, maintenance and hosting of large-scale web applications. We are passionate about all of these things, without compromise on cost or security.

We invent and develop intelligent (almost self aware) technology needed to overcome horizontal and vertical scaling challenges of software that serves millions of users. We can also provide the infrastructure to host those applications as well as the services to monitor and maintain them. Our customers represent a diverse set of industries, ranging from tech to education, from medical to property management. BlueRival is differentiated by an incessant drive to solve problems with quality solutions and impeccable attention to detail and design.

Most importantly, we are positioned for growth, both for us and you. Business model allows us to provide quality and volume of service that would normally only be available to start-ups and organizations with at least a million dollar war chest. Then, as you grow, our business model allows us to grow with you. Don’t think of us as a vendor. Think of us as a vendor.

Call 1-800-665-2029 or email support@bluerival.com to learn how BlueRival can change your company into a proper monster of success.

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